Project Journal

“A Happy Hibiscus” Social Media Marketing Plan  Journal

for Comm1070 Social Media class

4.25.15  The main social network that I will use for Happy Hibiscus is Pinterest.   The reasons being

1.   I like using Pinterest because I can remain anonymous from my friends and family.   I want to build a fan/customer base outside my immediate social circle.. this way I won’t fear what they think.   I know Happy Hibiscus’s motto is to overcome fear of judgement but I still struggle with this myself.

2.   The demographics of 85% Women and the target market is women 45+.   I believe that Pinterest appeals to women because the way it is organized.   It is the way a lot of women like to organize data.  Plus it includes nice pleasing pictures.

3.  Although Facebook is the dominant social network with 2 billion users vs Pinterest’s 500 million,  Facebook is not very business promotion friendly…  UNLESS YOU PAY!

4.24.15 – Social Bookmarking for Happy Hibiscus

For my digging deeper exercise, I chose 2 that related to social bookmarking:

1.  Add social bookmark links to your most important web pages and/or blog posts to improve sharing.

 This semester is the first time I have tried social bookmarking. In particular I have really enjoyed learning Pinterest. I am finding social bookmarking necessary for the Facebook business page for Happy Hibiscus. This is because I have been mostly accessing my personal page news feed via my mobile device. On my mobile device, I cannot share or post articles from my personal news feed to my business page. Pinterest on my mobile device does allow for me to post to my Facebook business page. So, as a workaround to mobile Facebook’s business page issues, if I find something in my newsfeed from another business page on my mobile device, I ‘Pin It’ then I go to my Pinterest app and post it on my Facebook business page.

FYI: On my laptop, Facebook gives me the option of posting personal news feeds on my business page. I did someone digging around in forums and it seems like this is so but I couldn’t find out why.

21. Collect case studies of social media success. Tag them “socialmediacasestudy” in

I choose #21 because I wanted to try out delicious. I watched a tutorial and created an account. I then added the ‘Save to Delicious’ bookmark. I created a few links.

I did find one article: 50 Social Media Case Studies You Should Bookmark which I put under the “socialmediacasestudy’ tag in Delicious. I also pinned under my Digital Marketing board in Pinterest.

The article has 50 ‘tagged’ case studies in various social media platforms including Facebook, Google, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, Social Media, & Youtube. I read through a few of them and they include successful campaigns with big companies like KLM airlines, Whole Foods, and Best Buy. All worthwhile reads to get ideas for A Happy Hibiscus.  A definite worthy bookmark to read & apply later!

So far, I really don’t see the need for both Delicious and Pinterest. It looks like they both do the same thing. I find that Pinterest is more pleasing to the eye and easier to use.   I have installed the ‘Pin It’ feature on my Firefox browser which makes it very easy to bookmark anything interesting that I find on line.

4.20.15 –

Two things that I learned this week between the internet marketing class and this one.

1.   Community Management and Social Media management are separate entities with blurred lines.   Separate tasks as community vs social media.   Also, be Human!

2. From my internet marketing class, an action item is to update the dofollow links on the following social media sites.

  1. YouTube: The video sharing platform allows you to add a description to any uploaded video and to include a website address. However, links in those sections are nofollow. To get a dofollow link, the URL must be placed on the YouTube channel header.
  2. Hub Pages: Hub Pages is picky; to be able to have a dofollow link, you must meet its requirements. Your account either needs to have a certain number of points (75) or the score of a particular hub needs to be at least 40 to create dofollow links in hubs. Dofollow links are not allowed in comments or profiles.
  3. WordPress: When you create a post on a free-hosted WordPress blog, you have a choice of making the links in the entry either dofollow or nofollow via the content management system; however,all comment links and profile links are nofollow.
  4. Blogger (Blogspot): As Google property, Blogger links that you get from posts are dofollow, however links in the comments area are nofollow.
  5. Tumblr: Tumblr is another popular blogging platform whose trackbacks from reblogged posts are nofollow. However, if you share a link to content on Tumblr by clicking the green “Link” button, those links will be dofollow.
  6. Reddit:  Reddit links to your post directly (not via a redirect), and all links from it are dofollow.
  7. LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn feed is full of short links to third-party sites that are dofollow. These pass PageRank via a 301 redirect,but many are not searchable on Google and likely not taken into account in determining PageRank. However, those in the “My Publications” section in your public LinkedIn Profile are dofollow and are accessible via 302 redirects.
  8. BizSugar: BizSugar is a great social media platform that allows you to share small business news and tips on topics such as entrepreneurship. The links you add on your content are dofollow.



Update on the status of the marketing plan.    I have been experimenting with Pinterest as a social bookmarking tool.   I really like it.  I have been getting likes and rePins from people that I do not know.

I have been experimenting with posting.   I have found that posting via the Android does abilities as on the computer.   For instance, I can not comment on posts on websites using Happy Hibiscus from the phone only by my Facebook or Google+ non business accounts.   I can post this way via the computer.    I am working on a matrix on what and how I can post and comment via the phone and laptop and which social medias have widgets to share.     This matrix I will include in my final report since it will be a big part of the marketing plan.    I prefer to do my posting via the phone since it is more instant.   I do not want to use Hootsuite or any other social media management system since I know on Facebook, Twitter and perhaps other social media that these postings do not get high ranking and therefore not that many views.

Lastly, the community manager readings from this week are VERY helpful.   As for building the A Happy Hibiscus lifestyle brand, establishing a community is exactly what I am trying to do.   I never heard of a community manager before so reading and researching more into this will help develop the plan.


Over the past week here is my progress:

I am creating A Happy Hibiscus accounts and learning how to use some of them.  I have also loading most of these sites on my Android as well.    I already have a few postings as well.    I am finding that some of the mobile apps are not as complete as the ones on my laptop.     I biggest difficulty I’m having deciding how / where to post my content.   I am learning that an original posting gets more attention than one that is shared from another site.

Here are the social media sites that I have created, the progress made and what I need help with.   If you haven’t already, please like or follow me on my A Happy Hibiscus pages.

1.  WordPress:

–   Added a Project Journal page that which is the on going chronicle of what is going in my project.

–  Added a social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

–  Added a newsfeed from my Happy Hibiscus Facebook page

2. Facebook:

–  I am very experienced with Facebook pages so set up was easy.

–  I decided not to ask my friends from my personal FB page to like just yet.   I am trying to grow organically 1st.

–  I have a few Happy Hibiscus postings which I then have shared via my personal FB page to see if anyone would notice.   I actually had 2 of my friends like my Happy Hibiscus page!

–  I am experimenting with posting using my phone and also posting on FB using Instagram.

FYI:  Personal Facebook Page:

3. Twitter:

– I am using this in parallel with my @akikovt.   Slightly different content.

– I set this up so every Facebook Happy Hibiscus post will be tweeted.    BTW:   I don’t seem to get attention on these tweets.   They are best to be original.

4.  Instagram:

– You can only post of Instagram using your phone.

–  I still have a lot of learning on how to use this.    Perhaps some of you are more experienced in this can help me on how to tag people and how to get more followers.   Also, how do I use the hash tags for best results?  A good article on this topic would work.

– Upon setup, I did choose to follow my personal Facebook friends.  So far 31 of them have followed me back!

5.  Pinterest

This I could use some help.   So far it seems like a lot of fun since I set up a few boards.   I can’t seem to figure out how to find my friends or even how to get others to look at my pins and boards.   I have to really spend more time on this but if someone can recommend a good article or tutorial, that’ll be awesome.   I have 0 followers so some love here would make me feel better!

I did install the ‘Pin It’ button on my Firefox browser.  It looks like a useful tool.

6.  Tumblr

I am taking an Internet Marketing class this semester that is based on Tumblr.  Most of the postings are the same as they are on my wordpress site.

7.  Reddit

I have only set up an account here.   I still need to install the app on my phone.   This was a recommendation from Tomas so I’m giving it a try with Happy Hibiscus.


So far this week I have 3 posting that I am attempting to share across most of my social media platforms and learn.

1.   Happiness is spring corn on Birch Run. (Snowboarding at Sugarbush).   – Instagram photo shared on my personal FB page

– Happy Hibiscus FB posting shared on my personal page.

– Results – Pretty equal amount of likes and comments my personal page but probably would have more if posted on my personal page organically.

2.  Saying Goodbye to My Beautiful Friend Malko

–  Yes, we had to put our German Shepard down this week and I am very sad.

–  Most of the activity was on my personal FB page but I posted Malko’s beautiful picture on the other social media sites.

–  This is truly a ‘being human’ story.   I did get several likes on Instagram.

3.  Music and Dinner at Phantom Productions

–  I asked the band who played and the owners of Phantom Productions which social media platforms they used most.  It was Facebook and Instagram.   This posting is still in process as I am trying to do this all via my phone since that is where the pictures are stored.

—-  Whew! —-

As you can see, I’ve been busy.   Any helpful hints especially on posting with the phone, Instagram and Pinterest will be very helpful.

Going forward, I need to see which social platforms my competition uses and how they use it.   I need to follow them and comment on their postings to build recognition in the community….


Posted a picture as Happy Hibiscus and shared as myself on Facebook.   I wanted to see the results or if any of my friends noticed it was from a business page.   So far no one has noticed.   I am putting a few more posts on the Happy Hibiscus page before I ask friends to join.

Joined Digg, Reddit, Delicious and Pinterest.  Social Bookmarking site.   Digg is not useful for Happy Hibiscus social media, too main stream.   Still evaluating the others.

3.19.15 :

Set up a Facebook Community Organization Page:   Happy Hibiscus

Set up a Twitter Page:

Set up journal page on WordPress site


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