ARE YOU SICK OF MAINSTREAM POP CULTURE ? If so, you may be happily awakening!

phonewrinklesDo you find Mainstream, Pop culture and anything that’s mentally programming is distasteful ? 

You may be Awakening!

Watching reality shows and indulging into the lives of celebrities is actually quite interesting when you see it for what it is; a tool for distraction. With the help of the internet, traditional television has started to dissipate.

You can find humor in the lyrics of mainstream songs and the scripts of Hollywood movies; just see what the objective is. Media is mentally programming us to see things like only white women being the definition of beautiful and men only being toned, strong and never vulnerable.

It is all extremely purposeful; see exactly what you are watching for what it is.

For other awakening signs:

Read the Spirit Science article for the other 7 signs…


About ahappyhibiscus

Hi, my name is Akiko and I am "A Happy Hibiscus". After losing my husband to cancer in 2008 and then my corporate electrical engineering job in 2013, I began to rethink life, question what we have been told to believe, seek my true passion, and discover “What makes me HAPPY ?” I found that I had been living a life where I was making choices based on FEAR of judgement instead of LOVE. I found that I was living a life of what my family, friends, society and the media wanted instead of what I wanted. This self awakening has made me into such a happier person. I also love hibiscus flowers and anything with a hibiscus pattern makes me happy. This is why the blog is named ahappyhibiscus. I started this blog so I can share what I have learned from on my path to self awareness and happiness. Please read, comment, and share so you can become "A Happy Hibiscus" too!
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