happyARE YOU FEARING THE WORST ?       Our thoughts are go all over the place. Sometimes  it’s great when we are trying to figure things out but often your mind tends to over complicate things.   We can quiet the mind through meditation, but that takes time and practice.

Here are 5 thoughts that we can all implement right now to throw our mind for a loop and make us all instantly happier:

1) I Already Have Everything I Need

Have you heard people say…   “I’m going to do _____ once I finish ______”.   An example is:   I’m going to start eating healthy and taking care of myself once I finish this project at work.   We identify a change but then hold off on it until all the cards fall into place.  What ends up happening?  The cards never line up as we expecting and years go by without us ever exploring the healthy life that we want.

What to do if your mind objects: Remember that no matter how full our plate is, we can always make time to incorporate something that is important to us.  Look how we deal with emergencies.  Start small, like eating a healthy breakfast once a week in the example above.   These steps show our mind that we are choosing to take control and gets ourselves on a path to a happier version of our self.

2) I Choose To Focus On The Journey, Not The End Result

With the world having 7 billion people, many of us see it as a justification as to why we cannot do anything that will have a significant impact.  Our minds will obsess and compare with things of great magnitude so we will often choose to not even bother partaking in or initiating something that we are passionate about.     If we did take actions, it would make us happier.

What to do if your mind objects: Keep two things in mind: (1) even the grandest things started small, (2) even the smallest thing has an impact on the entire world at a conscious level.  Don’t focus on the end goal but enjoy the journey.

3) I Am Exactly Where I Need To Be

Comparison is at the core of many our toxic thoughts, whether it be towards another person, a personal/family/friend expectation or a social /media developed norm. That being the case, our mind often loves to dwell upon the idea of being a failure.  Fear of judgement may cause many people to “settle” or “rush” to try and get themselves “there” as quickly as possible.  Why not instead work on selling yourself on the idea that ww are always exactly where we need to be?

What to do if your mind objects:  Whether or not your mind chooses to agree with you being exactly where you need to, we can all agree that no matter what, there is nothing we can do to change the past. Choose to accept your life for what it has been, love yourself for who you are now and be present in the now, with no regard towards regrets.  Move forward rather than spend any more time thinking about how things could have gone differently.   It is what it is.

4) I Can’t Please Everyone

The mind is a very powerful manipulator.  One of the areas that it particularly loves to create fear is worrying about how others will react to something that you do.  Fear of judgement will often cause us pull back from doing something that we felt pulled to.   This fear causes us to avoid the potential ridicule or friction that may or may not come from others in our life.

What to do if your mind objects: Most people are far too consumed with their own lives to even ridicule your actions. But even if they do, is it really worth holding yourself back to avoid facing judgement ?  When you choose to let the potential opinion of others dictate your life, you never expand to explore many of your passions.  Does that sound like happiness?    Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet and what others think.

5) I’m Beautiful Just The Way I Am

We are superficially obsessed world that we live in.  We it’s amazing how much we regularly inflict ourselves with the idea that we are ugly.   In our minds, this  self judgement focuses on aspects of ourselves that we feel fall short.

What to do if your mind objects: Choose to opt out of society’s “idea” of beauty and accept yourself for who you are.  Do not buy into what the media is telling you about what is beautiful.   They are just trying to selling you a product.   There is nothing more attractive than a person who is comfortable and confident in their own shoes. Love who you are and do not fear judgement.   Pay yourself some compliments!


Share these and other thoughts in the comments below that have made you instantly into “A Happy Hibiscus”


Paraphrased from the Collective Evolution article by Mark DeNicola:



About ahappyhibiscus

Hi, my name is Akiko and I am "A Happy Hibiscus". After losing my husband to cancer in 2008 and then my corporate electrical engineering job in 2013, I began to rethink life, question what we have been told to believe, seek my true passion, and discover “What makes me HAPPY ?” I found that I had been living a life where I was making choices based on FEAR of judgement instead of LOVE. I found that I was living a life of what my family, friends, society and the media wanted instead of what I wanted. This self awakening has made me into such a happier person. I also love hibiscus flowers and anything with a hibiscus pattern makes me happy. This is why the blog is named ahappyhibiscus. I started this blog so I can share what I have learned from on my path to self awareness and happiness. Please read, comment, and share so you can become "A Happy Hibiscus" too!
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